Extra things we do for you.

Custom High End flyers for Your Property:
As a part of your marketing campaign for the sale of your property; postcards and flyers are the most effective way to make your home shine to potential buyers. offers 8.5x11 flyers, or 11x17 folded flyers on super thick ultra shiny UV coated flyers. For your property custom designed especially the way you will be proud of.


Websites for your property:
If you give us the opportunity to list your property, we will GO THE EXTRA MILE for you.

We own a graphic design company which makes a huge difference when choosing us to list your property because we include all the marketing graphics and materials for free as part of our service.

Part of our marketing services include a FREE CUSTOM WEBSITE FOR YOUR PROPERTY to make sure you are getting as much exposure as possible.


HDR Photography.
When we list your home, we do absolutely everything possible to get you the maximum price. One of the things we excel in, is HDR photography. High Dynamic Range photography is a special way of shooting photos that takes between 3 and 10 photos of the same image at different contrast and puts them all together in a special program like Photoshop or Lightroom. The result is beautiful photos that really make your home pop off the screen which attracts more buyers. We use only the best photographers in the industry and we work with you to make sure you are totally satisfied with the final product before we list your home.


Drone Photography:
Some properties require photos from a different angle... Looking down to the property to see property size, additional out buildings, waterfront, etc. Our photographers use the most recent Drones and technology to get the best results for your home.


Online Commercial:
We will construct a YOUTUBE online commercial for you to be played on all of our social media and we will give you a copy so you can send it to all your friends on your social media as well. Online commercials often times attract more people to your listing better than just plain advertising which we will do for you as well.

T-Mobile Texting:
Text Marketing to help sellers get more exposure offers an exciting way to capture more buyers attention. We find qualified new buyers and match them with your property.

Top Professional Staging:
It is very difficult for buyers to imagine a home looking differently than what they see when they walk through the font door. Minimizing clutter and presenting the home in its best condition helps the buyer see themselves living in the home. We are blessed to be working with the best staging company in the industry today. Staging a home properly will usually bring a 10%-15% higher selling price.


ULTIMATE Open House and QR Code:
When we list your home we do ULTIMATE open houses to attract the maximum amount of guests to your property. We always put out 20-30 signs where possible, have 20' high banners on the street, RED CARPET and Ropes, Snacks and Refreshments, Additional information about the neighborhood, schools, amenities, etc. We also have a Mortgage broker on site to answer any loan questions and assist if a buyer chooses to make an offer on site at the open house.

In addition to all of our signage, we also have a "permasign" attached to the large "For Sale" sign out front which is a permanent waterproof sign that has a customized QR code that links directly to your home website and all additional information.

We don't spare any expense or detail to make your home sell for Top Dollar and as quickly as possible.



Our Seattle Home Seller's Information Guide provides an introduction to the full-service concierge representation you can expect from our team, including a catalogue of our services. Learn about the home selling process, costs associated with selling your home or investment, and how to the escrow process works once you have an accepted offer.